USCK Memberships
The following Memberships will be affiliated with the United States Chito-Kai Federation. The patch is the Chito-ryu crest the membership fee is for being part of the USCK organization.
(USCK) 3 Months for 4th Month Free Membership

This membership is paid upfront for 3 months and get a 4th free. It comes with unlimited Classes. There is an annual maintenance fee due at the time of registration and once a year after ($35). Special note if you have an additional family member please ask for a discount code when registering.

With Full payment of $150 and Annual USCK fee of $35
(USCK) Free Trial Class
Free Trial Class is a one-time, This class is for the USCK Chito-Ryu Classes. Ages 6-102 We will give an intro class to the Chito-Ryu style. Basics are truly the foundations to any style. We work basics so they become natural. Chito-Ryu is a Japanese style and we work to strengthen your balance, mind, and discipline. Self-defense applications are trained with each class.
Come try us out at the dojo. We will contact you once you registered and find a good time for you to come in.
Thank you for wanting to train with us,
Sensei Shawna Lingo
(USCK) Monthly Membership
This is unlimited classes for a month. Please ask for the best fit for your rank.
Fee $50.
New students will need to pay for the USCK annual membership at registration.
Fee $35

This membership is for students 6 years old to 102 years old. Unlimited Classes
We teach a Chito-ryu martial arts, a Japanese style. We practice with blocks, kicks, punching, stances, kata, and bunkai. We hope to develop body mechanics and work skills to strengthen the body and develop the skill to defend yourself. The US Chito Kai Federation has developed a well-rounded curriculum for all ages. Come and train we have been waiting for you.
(USCK) NKU College Student Fee
This is a discounted fee for Active NKU Students. The fee will cover for 1 month of training.
Fee $25 plus a $25 Annual USCK discounted Fee.

This is for active college students /$25. At NKU we have been running 1 credit hour classes and this class is for continuing training. This fee is for a month of training and for all classes available for the month.

Any questions please ask, 513-232-1035